The 2018 SQPC AGM and General Meeting 
is on Tuesday 27th February, 2018, at Springwood Towers Hotel Brisbane at 7pm. 

More than just a meeting: a social event for skydivers of all disciplines and experience levels to catch up on news, information and plans to build this great sport in Queensland.

See you there!

Learn to Skydive

Want to learn to Skydive? 

B-Rel Funding

SQPC $100 B Certificate Rebate
Fill out this form when you lodge your Certicate B (B Licence) application, and SQPC will give you a $100 rebate by way of congratulations

n Parachute Federation 

The Australian Parachute Federation loves to support members that are progressing through their B-Rel stages and have programmes in addition to SQPC's $100 rebate to assist with the cost of B-Rel training.

APF B Rel Support programmes

Stage 9 Student Rebate

SQPC $100 Student Rebate
AFF Student Alex at Skydive Hervey Bay, January 2015 

Care of Queensland State Government Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing. 

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