2014 Queensland State Champs Event Schedule

Queensland State Championships Toogoolawah

Queensland Championships Event Schedule update!


Thanks to everyone we spoke with yesterday, exploring possible changes to our event schedules to accommodate availability issues for two of our teams.

The Friday start to competition follows the sucessful schedule from last year in Innisfail, allows the competition to move forward at a more relaxed pace and makes dirt diving, judging and manifesting, particularly with a shared camera pool, much easier to organise. In spite of many competitors graciously expressing their willingness to be flexible, we are unable to change the schedule without disadvantaging the majority of registered competitors who have already organised time off work to start the comp on Friday.

I'd like to thank all of the competitors we spoke with yesterday, Macca and the fantastic judging team, all who have been so supportive, as we worked our arses off trying to find solutions for everyone! There are some great teams and new talent emerging for this competition and the size of the wingsuiting competition is unprecedented. Can't wait! I'm off to prepare the medals.

Its not too late to register. Michael Vaughan is on the ground coaching for us and he's bringing a rig just in case a slot turns up for him..... what more can I say? 

21st to Sunday 23rd November: 

The following events have been confirmed:
  • 4way FS inter and open 
  • Freestyle
  • Wingsuit (6 teams so far!!)
  • Sports accuracy
  • Open VFS 4way
Other events can still be held but you NEED TO REGISTER so we can plan and organise your event. Qld State Champs Register Here
We will still run an event even if there is only one team registered, in the interests of competition experience, and determining who gets some money to go to the nationals!

Interested in CRW (CF) or any of the Freefly disciplines? Want to take part but don't have a team?: Find me a Team
  • all camera slots are fully subsidised by SQPC: free camera!!
  • winners of each discipline are eligible for SQPC support of $400 if you compete at the nationals in the same discipline.
Proposed Event Schedule:
Thanks to the competitors who have already registered! You've made our job so much easier by registering and allowing us to prepare for your events, our sincere appreciation for that! 

Please arrive at the DZ in plenty of time for the competitors meeting at 0730 and first load at 0830 on the day of your event. Order your jump tickets on-line and have 5 tickets, with your full name, ready to handover at the start of the day. 

Jump Tickets: http://www.ramblers.com.au/BookingsJumpTickets/ToogoolawahDropZone-453/PurchaseJumpTickets-510/

All camera flyers tickets will be supplied by SQPC. We will return any unused tickets if the comp is called early. As tickets are full priced, you will go to height on all comp loads regardless of working time.... enjoy the freefall time and extra practice.

Maureen will be opening the canteen at 7am on comp days.

Thursday 20th

Draw to be published on SQPC Facebook page and website at 7.30pm

Friday 21st

Competitor Briefing 0730. Load 1: 0830

FS inter / FS open / Freestyle open

Saturday 22nd

Competitor Briefing 0730. Load 1: 0830

FS continue/ Wingsuit (6 teams!!!)/ Freefly artistic/ VFS 4 way

Sport accuracy

Sunday 23rd

Weather day.

Its shaping up to be a great comp! Accommodation is still available: phone Ramblers to book.

Please call or email any time if you have any questions about the General Meeting or State Championships, we'd love to help.

SQPC administration