Administrator Position Description 2019

Title: SQPC Administrator

Responsible to: SQPC via the Management Committee

Authority: The Administrator has authority to implement policy and manage assigned resources of SQPC under the supervision of the SQPC Management Committee. 

Position Description: 

Administer day to day operations of SQPC including:

  • Maintain the SQPC financial management systems using the APF’s “Reckon” and operate the SQPC bank accounts. This will be done with responsibility for this area being retained by the elected Treasurer
  • Process SQPC email and other communications, and distribute to the SQPC Management Committee as required 
  • Organise the Annual General Meeting, quarterly General Meetings and Management Committee meetings as required. This includes the booking of facilities, notifications to members, online drafting and distribution of agendas and minutes. This will be done with responsibility for this area being retained by the elected Secretary. The administrator is encouraged to stand for the elected position of Secretary. 
  • Support all voluntary SQPC Office Bearers in the performance of their duties 
  • Liaise with the Queensland Parachuting Association secretary and North Queensland Parachute Council administrator to facilitate funding payments and acquittals for the Queensland Sport and Recreation Industry Development Programme Grant via the Department of National Parks Sport and Racing 
  • Monitor and advise member clubs of SQPC, APF and external funding opportunities. 
  • Research and prepare grant applications which will benefit SQPC and its members. 
  • Maintain the Council’s records in compliance with the Australian Parachute Federation’s requirements 
  • Liaise with the APF Directors and Managers as required. 
  • Publish materials to the SQPC Web page; develop the SQPC email database and social media presence. 
  • Develop and update the SQPC Procedure Manual as required 
  • Complete other such duties as directed by the SQPC Management Committee. 
  • Keep a log of working hours and tasks undertaken for monthly invoicing and performance review 
  • Maintain a cloud-based and/or monthly hard disk backup of SQPC computer data 
  • In the absence of the Administrator, delegate responsibility for those tasks normally the responsibility of the Administrator. 
  • Attend the Annual Australian Parachute Federation Symposium 
  • Provide a quarterly activity report to the Management Committee 
  • Provide a comprehensive annual report to the AGM of SQPC activity which identifies key tasks delegated to the Administrator and their status. 
  • Undergo an annual Performance Review with a member of the management committee. 
  • Required 
  • Basic Bookkeeping (Reckon) 
  • Ability to work with spreadsheets 
  • Ability to work with databases 
  • Word processing skills 
  • Experience in Office Management 
  • Skydiving, instructional and coaching experience is desirable but not essential 
  • Experience in interacting with government departments 
  • Social media and marketing knowledge or experience 
  • Orientation to SQPC infrastructure and online services (document management, website) can be provided. 
  • Approximately 10 hours a week. 
  • Approximately 40 hours per month. 
  • Based on the Fair Work Commission Award for Sporting Organisation
  • Assignment of Administrative Grade dependant on prior experience and ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Required to work from own office and use own equipment. 
  • Maintain own telephone, computer and internet. 
Performance measures
  • Minutes produced, financial records up to date, communications to members and officers. 
  • Timeliness: All email responded to within 48 hours. Draft Minutes within 3 days of meetings. Monthly Financial report within 5 days of end of month. Coaching Acquittals processed and paid within one week (aim for 48 hours). 
  • General satisfaction with Meeting arrangements and other activities as reviewed by the Management Committee. 
  • Satisfactory contribution to QPA and liaison with the APF, QPA and NQPC. 
  • Annual performance review with SQPC Management Committee

Please refer to the SQPC Strategic Plan and Mission Statement

Administrator remuneration is based on the Fair Work Commission Award Sporting Organisations Award

Please refer to the Fair Work commission website for details. The screenshots here are for ease of reference.