Coaches and Event Organisers Workshop

Coaches and Event Organisers Workshop SQPC General Meeting

15 November, 2016


  1. SQPC resources

  2. Organising an event

  3. Applying and acquitting for your event

  4. 2017 Coaches and Organisers Initiative

  5. Contact details, questions and feedback

1. SQPC resources

Annually, SQPC receives income from

  • ●  The APF for commission of sales from skydiving licences, student, tandem and sport
    ●  The State Government National Parks Recreation, Sport and Racing (NPRSR) for the
    Sport and Recreation Industry Development Programme (SRIDP) in a 3 Year Cycle

    ●  Interest from Term deposits

    SQPC budgets expenditure for the coming year in November and requests the membership to ratify the budget at the final general meeting

2. Organising an event

A written plan significantly contributes to a successful event.

Before the event

  • ●  Choose dates, checking APF, SQPC and Local and State Calendars for clashes
    ●  Choose location, Liaise with the operator for aircraft and facilities
    ●  Choose registered coaches and check availability and fees (if you are not already
    registered with the APF as a tutor, coach or instructor, and you are the coach for your
    event, you should be working towards this asap)
    ●  Organise judges if your event is a competition, and packers if you need them
    ●  Write a budget including all slots, coach fees, airfares, transport, equipment, packers,
    accommodation, food
    ●  Write your plan considering how you will cover your costs, how you will ask skydivers to
    register for the slots, how much rego you will charge, what funding you will ask for.
    ●  Have a bank account or paypal account organised that you can use specifically for the
    event and keep good records
    ●  Seek sponsorship or support from manufacturers and businesses who may be interested. Don’t limit yourself to skydiving businesses.
    ●  Submit a funding application to SQPC first, and then the APF
    ●  Promote the event, locally, facebook event, SQPC and APF calendars
  • As the event approaches

  • ●  Stay in touch with your venue and your registrations, update your event page
    ●  Organise volunteers to assist for bigger events
    ●  Watch the weather. Consider postponing early in the event of a major weather event.
    ●  Prepare media release
    ●  Manage your detail: transport, equipment, food, accommodation, video and photos
  • During the event

  • ●  Manage situations as they arise
    ●  Stay hydrated
    ●  Delegate
  • After the event

  • ●  Submit your SQPC and APF acquittal to receive payment to cover what you haven’t been able to cover with registration fees, or APF up-front support
    ●  Follow up with you obligations for the acquittal, publish photos and video on social media where available
  • 3. Applying for and Acquitting your event

    All SQPC funding occurs through on-line google applications forms via the website:

  • ●  Apply for funding using 2017 Coaches and Organisers Funding Applications Form
    ●  Keep responses simple and phone or email the administrator if you have any questions.
    ●  Apply for funding to cover your Coaching fees in the first instance. Support for coaching
    is a State Government key performance indicator for SQPC, so we focus on supporting
    that component for your event, starting at $200 per day for a registered coach
    ●  For bigger or more complex events, request assistance for your additional costs. These
    are negotiable with the SQPC committee and we are keen to assist within the limitations of our resources.
    Funding decisions in SQPC are made around the following framework:
    ●  the number of SQPC members that are likely to benefit from this coaching
    ●  the grassroots growth and development that the application brings to skydiving
    in this region
    ●  the recognised quality and reputation of the coach
    ●  the monetary resources budgeted by SQPC for coaching in 2016
    ●  the existence of similar coaching applications already received by SQPC for
    coaching in 2017
    ●  the ability of the application to acquit Queensland State Government KPI's for
    the expenditure of Queensland Sport and Recreation Industry Development Programme
    State Government Funding KPI’s include coaching and skill development specifically targeting safety, women, novice to intermediate, train the trainer, judge training, instructor training, returning instructor revalidating after an absence, governance, succession planning, administrative training. Targeting these KPI’s is not mandatory, but these events will be more heavily supported.
    All SQPC funding is paid after the event, and not until an acquittal has been received.
    ●  Submit your acquittal using 2017 Coaches and Organisers Event Review/Acquittal
    ●  Keep your responses simple, this form should take less than 10 minutes to complete
    ●  Most important component is to list the names of the skydivers that you coached. This
    information is needed so that we can acquit our funding to the State Government
    ●  Photos and social media content is greatly valued as a sports development and
    promotional tool and is much appreciated.
  • 4. SQPC 2017 Coaches and Event Organisers Initiative

    Following corporate and financial re-structure, and with APF support, SQPC plans to dramatically increase the resources available for coaching and event organising.

  • ●  SQPC will guarantee that $200 per day to subsidise coaching fees will be available every weekend and public holiday for 2017. This will be allocated to the first event application we receive for any unallocated weekend, in 2017.
    ●  To determine if the funding is available, check the SQPC calendar on the SQPC website. Events that have been allocated the funding will be clearly identified. This will also assist you with checking for date clashes when you are planning events.
  • Incentives.

    SQPC is looking for ways to increase general meeting attendance as we move forward with a council structure that is geared more towards sports development rather than industry regulation. General meetings are an opportunity for our grassroots membership, operators, instructors and coaches, and administrators to collaborate on ways to achieve growth and retention, thereby supporting businesses, and to enhance skills and safety.
  • ●  Incentive 1. For any applicant using the 2017 Coaches and Event Organisers Initiative, the baseline coaching support will be increased by $50 per day if you have attended a general meeting in the quarter prior to your event taking place. If you can’t get to the meeting for a legitimate reason, you can submit an item or a report for the meeting instead.
    ●  Incentive 2. For any applicant using the 2017 Coaches and Event Organisers Initiative, the baseline coaching support will be increased by a n additional $50 per day if your event targets the acquisition of B-rels, Starcrests, Wingsuit crests, Freefly crests or other APF crests or ratings as determined by the SQPC Management committee.
  • SQPC may choose to support more than one event per weekend and public holiday under some circumstances, please discuss with the administrator or Area Coach if this is your situation. SQPC may also choose to support costs over and above coaching fees in circumstances where events are complex or expensive to run. This is negotiable.

    5. Contact details, questions and feedback

    Contact the SQPC administrator, area coach or anyone on the management committee with any questions or ideas, any time.


    0409 979687