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A Delegated Council of the APF

PO Box 6369, Mooloolah, 4553

Phone 0409 979 687


SQPC Annual General Meeting

Tues 27st Feb 2018 7:00PM

Springwood Tower Apartment Hotel, 9 Murrajong Road, Springwood

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Temporary changes to club delegates should be submitted to the SQPC administrator no later than 24 hours prior to the to the commencement of the meeting.

Permanent changes to delegates an APF Form CL1 “Change of Particulars” to the APF.  APF CL1 Change of particulars

Current delegates can be viewed at

1.    Meeting called to order

2.    Attendance

3.    Apologies

Martin Klapper

Ben Nordkamp

Brandon van Niekerk

Faye Cox

Shane Turner

4.    Club delegates and membership numbers Delegates as listed are subject to change.

Changes within 24 hours of a meeting are at the sole discretion of the Chair. Terms of Delegation 8.5

Current Delegates can be seen here:

5.    Confirm minutes of previous Annual General Meeting 21st February 2017

That: The minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the South Queensland Parachute Council Inc,

held on 21 February 2017 be accepted

Moved:                                                               Second:

6.    Reports of the 2017 SQPC Officers and Officials

6.1 Chair

6.2 Administrator

6.3 Treasurer

6.4 Area Coach

6.5 Area Judge

6.6 Member Protection Information Officer

6.7 APF Board Representatives

6.8 Sport Development Officer

7. Elections

    7.1 Elections of Officials and Office Bearers 2018

APF Terms of Delegation for Councils 5.2

7.1.1 Nomination of a Returning Officer for elections

7.1.2 Election of Chairperson of Council

7.1.3 Election of Vice Chairperson (to be the 5th member of the management committee)

7.1.4 Election of Secretary

7.1.5 Election of Treasurer

7.1.6 Election of Area Judge

7.1.7 Election of Area Coach

7.1.8 Election of Member Protection Information Officer

7.1.9 Election of Board Representatives (2)

7.1.10 SQPC Additional Appointments: Sports Development, Media Liaison

7.2 Appointment of Management Committee for 2018

APF Terms of Delegation: “(b)The Management Committee shall be comprised of the Chairperson,

Secretary, Treasurer, Area Coach and one other member that shall be appointed annually by Council.”

7.3. Appointment of Queensland Parachuting Association Representatives (3)

South Queensland Parachute Council proposes the appointment of the President,

the Treasurer and the Secretary as the delegates for QPA.

8. 2018 Queensland State Skydiving Championships

8.1 To be hosted by NQPC, venue and dates to be advised

8.2 SQPC Member participation incentives

9. Date of next AGM Tuesday Feb 26th 2019;  

10.  Meeting Close

The General Meeting will immediately follow the AGM.

SQPC General Meeting
Tues 27st Feb 2018, following the AGM.


1. Meeting opened

2. Confirm minutes of previous meeting

That: the minutes of the previous General Meeting held on 14 November 2017 be accepted.     

Moved                                                             Second           

3. Attendance and Apologies

3.1 As for the AGM

4. Business arising from previous minutes

5. SQPC Current Finances

That: the expenditure detailed in Vouchers November and December 2017 and a January 2018 be ratified by the membership

Moved:                                                             Seconded:

6. Coaches and Organisers 2018 Funding Initiative

6.1 2018 Coaching Programme

6.2 Feedback and points for improvement from coaches and organisers

6.3 Changes for the second quarter.

7. Queensland Parachuting Association Report

7.1 2017-2019 National Parks, Sport and Racing State Development Programme grant outcome

7.2 2018 SDP KPI’s

7.3 QPA Website, incorporating NQPC and SQPC

8. Competition and Coaching: National Coach Role

8.1 National Coach Ronnie Perry

9. APF World Parachuting Championships Gold Coast 2018

9.1 Progress to the WPC Rob Libeau

9.2 Call for Volunteers: Volunteer Project Manager Jon Kent

10. Dekunu: Special Interest Item

10.1 The Dekunu Story: Mariska Folley and Peter Irish Sutton

10.2 Product Q and A

11. Club Reports

11.1 SQPC clubs, DZ’s and individuals are invited to discuss current and proposed events, issues of concern and skydiving news

12. General Business

12.1 NPRM closes for submissions tomorrow 28th February 2018

12.2 T-Shirt order from last meeting ready to be collected, or order for nationals

12.3 Correspondence: Proposed Centre of Excellence for Women's Sport: Cronulla Park

13. Next Meeting:

13.1 2018 Proposed dates

  • GM: Tues May 15th, 2018

  • GM: August 13th, 2018

  • GM: November 12th, 2018 (Regional Venue: Sunshine Coast)

14. Meeting Close