Lea Critchley

1st November 2011 

SQPC: Your new Administrator

Farewell to Luke, who, having resigned several months ago, is finally able to hang up his keyboard and retire from SQPC Administration.

During his term Luke has revolutionised the administration of the SQPC by developing a fantastic IT platform for the SQPC to operate from, taking the council into the electronic age.

After a couple of years in the Treasurers role, I'm really keen to move upwards and onwards with the administration, development and operation of the SQPC. We have an awesome management committee who have been working together in various forms for a while now and we are starting to build some momentum with sports promotion, funding and coaching.

I've been in the sport for 10 years, have an E licence and an Instructor B AFF/ Tandem Supervisor as well as a Packer “A” rating.

Competed in a number of SQPC State Champs and won a Gold and four silvers for Open 4-Way FS between 2005 and 2011.

I've spent time working as an AFF instructor and camera flyer at Byron Bay 2004- 2006 and Nagambie 2007.  Current World Record Holder: Largest Womenʼs Formation Skydive 181-way 2009

My occupation is as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse at the RBWH. A demanding role that requires lots of odd hours.

 “I love the sport and love living in South Queensland. I have recent exposure in small business accounts. Average IT skills but I'm getting better, smart for a blonde, very, very organised and I live with Luke Oliver. I've been attending Council meetings in Qld and Vic for the last 10 years and have been to the last six of the last seven National conferences. I believe the SQPC is in the process of developing a strong management team and I'm looking forward to making a contribution to the administration of the sport in this region.”