Peter Brierley

Peter started jumping in 1984 at Wilton (now Sydney Skydivers) on static-line roundies. He was hooked after jump #2. He had over 1100 jumps before his first malfunction (then had 3 in one month). He has Just over 8500 jumps total with 18 reserve rides (5 Tandem, 2 CRW wraps, 6 intentionals), 1 broken bone, lots of bruises (the PLR's he had to learn have served him well). Never packed a mal for someone else, only 3 for himself. 2 emergency exits (one out of fuel at 7000 feet, one badly damaged tailplane at 1200 feet, courtesy of Tandem Instructor's reserve deployment in aircraft, no door).

He is rated for SL, AFF and Tandem, Instructor B. Qualified for military SL, freefall and high altitude. About 4000 Tandems (mostly on Strong), 1200 camera, 1000 AFF. He hasn't had to pay for many jumps (less than 1000). He bought him first video camera in 1986 or 1987, when Sony released the first Handycams. Cutting edge stuff - fixed focus, no zoom, no playback in the camera. Bounced it after 17 days, bought another one, and built a better helmet mount.

In competition, Peter has been involved at all levels, most notably in CRW, though he has had a shot at everything. In 1990 the cats were away so he became the Australian Style champion!!! (14th in accuracy though). 

Other Highlights

  • The 1991 Australian CRW (rotations) champion. 
  • The 1992 Australian CRW team to China (Precision Collision, rotations). 
  • Set Australian record (and team best), 14 points (on 3 jumps). 

He has only had 2 new canopies, a CRW main in 1992, and his current AirForce reserve in 1999. He keeps promising himself a new container, but never seems to get there. He currently jumps a Racer, Icarus Beta 140/9 main, AF160/7 reserve. No Cypres yet, but maybe soon.

He still loves to jump roundies, (T10's, Argosy), and also my 1972 Thunderbow (one of those triangle ones with the big arrow). “For those who wonder why - you'll never know if you never go”.

(Editors note:- Maybe we should have an Historical Parachuting Open day and pull out these old canopies including my Delta Two Para wing?? Any takers DZ operators??)

He jumps mostly at Gatton, doing basic rel stuff, a bit of CRW, pub demos, and just enjoying the sport. He has had a break from instructing for the past year, but he will be getting back into it this year. Peter greatly enjoys working at the base level, helping people to enter and appreciate our unique sport. He still wants to do more CRW, and some of his fellow Ripcord locals are keen too. “Watch for the incident reports...”

His best jump? Last round 1991 Australian championships (CRW), team best, won the comp by one point. Worst jump? He’s not sure about this one as there are lots to choose from. “I hope I've already done it”.

A word of Wisdom? “The best lesson I've learned in Skydiving:- When things are going wrong, you can't beat square feet and a good PLF”.