Ben Nordkamp

President: Ben Nordkamp, elected AGM 2013

Well, having only been elected to the position of the SQPC President a mere week ago, I as yet have little to report!  Instead I will give those of you who don’t know me a brief overview of my skydiving background.  I began jumping in Mt Isa nearly 30 years ago.  I moved to South East Queensland in 1984 and after visiting a few of the local DZ’s, I took up weekend ‘residency’ at Ramblers Parachute Centre. 

I quickly became involved with the Toogoolawah Skydivers Club where I held the position of President for 10 years, and then Treasurer for 11 years.  During this time I was also involved with the SQPC - spending 10 years as ASO , and the APF - holding the Director of Safety position for a number of years.  I was a part of the SQPC Management Committee that was responsible for creating the council funding formula that is still being used today (with appropriate updates/improvements). 

As well as being interested & involved with committees & councils, I also get in the sky as much as possible.  I am involved with many disciplines, with CRW, Bigways & Wingsuiting being where I spend (or have spent) a lot of my time.  I also endeavor to have a good knowledge of the disciplines I am not involved in.  I hold numerous ratings, have represented Australia at World level & travel overseas regularly participating in our great sport.

I realize that I have a huge job ahead of me in getting familiar with the current running of the Council, and working with the current committee members.  I am anticipating the transition to go well and look forward to giving you all an update in the next 

SQPC newsletter.  Please feel free to contact me with any matters you may wish to discuss.

Ben Nordkamp.

Phone: 0418154119