Meeting Minutes

South Queensland Parachute Council

A delegated Area Council of the APF

PO Box 6369, Mooloolah, 4553

Phone 0409 979 687


SQPC General Meeting Minutes
14th November 2017, 7pm
Springwood Tower Apartment Hotel,
9 Murrajong Road, Springwood

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1.    Meeting called to order:  1930hours

2.    Attendance:

Luke Oliver

Jason Colless

Alan Deadman

Mike Dyer

Jason Cook

Ben Nordkamp

Peter Brierley

Lea Critchley

Matt Blaiklock

Mike Decman

Daniel Cushierei

       Josh Costa

Peter Sutton

Danielle Riley

Tracy Scott

Roger Mulckey

Charly Rusconi

Gabriel Phillips

Archie Jamieson

Jon Kent

Mildred Spinoza

Martin Klapper

Kane Landon

Natisha Dingle

Sheena Simmonds

Gail Bradley

Luke Rogers

Benoit Foulon

Gem Hodges

Tiller Nicholas

Royce Wilson

Katie Novey

Vik Girvin

Dave Girvin

Matt Smith

Steve Fitchett

Rob Libeau

Cameron Cooper

Tina Bourne

Jeremy Bourne

Nicole Adcock

Dimitri Didencko

Alana Bertram

Shane Turner

3.    Apologies:  

Koppel Solomon

Matt Boag

Adam Williams

Keith Grealy

Dave McEvoy

Chris Byrnes

Susie McLachlan

Jason Cook

Wayne McLachlan

Mariska Folley

Mason Corby

Guy Hanby

Richie Convery

4.    Club Delegates and Quarterly Figures

4.1 Club Register and Delegates

4.2 Quarter 3 2017 Club Licences

Quarter 3 2017 Council Licences

5.    Confirm minutes of the previous General Meeting 16th  May 2017

That: The minutes of the General Meeting of the South Queensland Parachute Council, held on 16th May 2017 be accepted

Moved: Kane Landon           Second:      Archie Jamieson                                  Carried    

6.    Business arising from previous minutes

There were no outstanding action items and no business arising from the previous meeting

7.   Office Bearer reports

7.1 Chair: Alan Deadman

Spoke to a written report:


Hello and welcome. Thank you for making the journey here.

I’ll keep this short and allow each of the upcoming reports to go into detail about their respective areas.

There have been some very key events since our last meeting, and a lot of work ahead of us.

It is clear that this region is vibrant in its activities, and that looks set to continue.

As I said, I want to keep this purposely short - we have a lot to get through tonight.

Thank you

7.2 Administrator: Lea Critchley

Spoke to a written report


Attended National Conference State Council Development Meeting

Presented to Learning Curve Camp: more on a regular basis

Workload increasing with growth

Procedure manual has been approved for use and will be posted to the website

Administrator contract is up for renewal following a performance review with the Chair

Plan: to subcontract a monthly portion of administrative hours to interested members as work experience/succession planning

7.3 Treasurer: Luke Oliver

7.3.1 Report:

APF Income significantly higher than previous years but unable to predict if this will continue in the face of a reported slowing in tandem business across the community.

Significant increase in provision for instructor training with 20 instructors receiving $7500 in rebates for 35 new ratings or endorsements in the year to date.

Funding has increased in two tranches since the last meeting, with an additional $10000 made available to fund coaching activity, and with a $5000 contribution from NQPC for the State Champs. Whilst spending has increased out to the limits of the funding revisions, the overall approach is conservative while future income is assessed. A simplification of the funding process, now handled by the  administrator and area coach, has made the procedure more efficient, and ensured speedy processing of applications and acquittals.

7.3.2 Treasurer Luke Oliver invited members to inspect the Expenditure Vouchers 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

That: the expenditure detailed in 2017 Vouchers 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 be ratified by the membership

Moved:      Luke  Oliver                   Seconded:        Ben  Nordkamp                      Carried

7.4 Area Coach: Matt “Jeebus” Blaiklock

7.4.1 General Activity

Over 80 funded events across all disciplines this year lifting the level of skill and retention across the community, with sincere thanks to the coaches and organisers who contributed their efforts

Of special interest:

16 SQPC Members attended the Focus Vertical record camp at Moruya
Ben Nordkamp achieved a 217 Way World record 3 point sequential
Ben also achieved a 64 way World record night formation record in Arizona
Congratulations to Luke Rogers 5th and Chris Byrnes 9th for their very significant achievements at the World Cup of Wingsuit in Nevada. Luke chased a podium finish and Chris achieved a oceanic record. Special thanks to Luke who made the considerable effort to attend the meeting on the same day as his return.
Charly Rusconi (present at this meeting) and Selwyn Johnson are about to leave to compete in the Dubai Canopy Piloting World Cup and SQPC wishes them a great competition
Jason Colless 23rd in Classic Accuracy at the International Classic Accuracy  meet at Manado, Indonesia.

7.4.2 2017 Queensland State Champs:

A weather shortened State Champs was hosted at Skydive Byron Bay, a great meet with 10 teams competing in 5 disciplines, with competitors encouraged to plan for the Nationals. Of particular interest was the tight competition in 4-Way A, and in the contest between the outstanding old and new Freestyle teams, Synergy and Running Hot. Thank you to all competitors who made the effort to put together teams for the event.

Results can be seen here: 2017 State Champs Results

7.5 Area Judge: Sheena Simmonds

Sheena Spoke to a written report:

Lea Critchley acted as Chief Judge for the first time at the 4Way4Everyone at Tyagarah on 23 July with Cole Ruthenberg and Sheena Simmonds as Panel Judges.

Cole Ruthenberg was Chief Judge at the Qld State Championships at Tyagarah 17/18 September. Lea Critchley and Sheena Simmonds were Panel Judges.

At this competition, the judges used the new In Time system. Thanks to SQPC for providing the judges with the system. We are particularly grateful to Luke Oliver. Luke spent so much time acquiring the equipment and setting up the system. We really appreciated him being available to ensure everything worked at the competition. Thank you, Luke.

Faye Cox is currently at The Asiania Championships as General Secretary of that organisation.

Cole Ruthenberg goes to Dubai later this month to take the IPC Canopy Piloting Judges’ course with the prospect of becoming an FAI judge in this discipline.

The APF have sponsored a course in Artistic Events starting on 15th November. This course will be conducted by experienced A/E judge Jami Pillasch from California. Several SQPC competitors – Archie, Alanah, Richie and Naomi – will be attending to gain knowledge of the changes to A/E rules. Some APF judges including Lea will also be there.”

Sheena introduced APF Director of Judges Gail Bradley who is welcomed as a guest at this meeting.

7.6 Harassment Contact Officer: Peter Brierley

Peter advised that everyone is being nice to each other and there is nothing to report.

7.7 APF Board Representatives: Mike Dyer

Mike Dyer spoke to a written report

The APF has been updating and adding some new online forms these include

M2 Student Pro rata Membership
M3 Change to Training Organisation
Personal Accident insurance  specifically for Individuals

Last week had the full release of the Online Reporting systems which is available to Clubs. Packer A’s, riggers and LDO’s to use. There is a Help video online that provides the step by step process to fill out the incident report

National Development.

With the continuation of the APF’s Learn to Skydive promotion there has been

55 More AFF course run this year compared to previous years
44 more Certificate A’s issue YTD
7089 new members on previous YTD with an expectation of hitting 200k member by the end of the year

The APF are currently receiving bids for the 2019 Nationals

The new Sports and Competition Committee held its first meeting. This Committee comprises of the CEO, National Development Officer, Director of Competitions. Director of Judges and State Coaches.  Some of their responsibilities will include

Developing and implementing athlete, coaching and judging development pathways.
Long term athlete development through talent identification programs.
Assisting with the selection of Australian Parachute Team members.
Assessing and approving bids for Australian National Parachuting Championships and advising the Board of those decisions.
Monitoring the annual planned outcomes or milestones in Sport and Athlete Development
Through the CEO, enhancing the quality of Board discussion on Sport Development Policy matters and facilitating effective decision-making in these areas.
Performing such additional tasks as may be delegated to the Committee by the Board or CEO

The WPC 2018 is in occupying a lot of APF resources at the moment. This will be a big boost for Skydiving in Australia both the sport and the commercial side. This is needed at the moment as business has quietened around Australia and operators who saw a boost from the TV campaign early this year can’t have some extra promotion of the sport come quickly enough. Project Managers have been appointed with good representation from SQPC.

Our Next BOD meeting is on the 27th-28th November

Jason Cooke and Mike Dyer

7.8 Sport Development Officer: Jason Colless

Jason has been appointed the SQPC contact person for Asiania and Manado competitions in an effort to raise awareness and support for SQPC competitors who would like to experience overseas competition in the well subsidised and exciting Asian competition skydiving arena. Jason spoke of affordable opportunity for high quality competition which is currently under utilised by Australian skydivers.

APF Development Officer Rob Libeau endorsed this appointment and has indicated that the APF would support a committed team going forward from the Australian Nationals to Asiania competitions to gain competition experience at an international event.

8. SQPC Draft Budget 2018

8.1 Treasurer Luke Oliver

Luke presented the proposed 2018 budget.  Although income is difficult to predict, planned spending is consistent with the 2017 model. There has been a simplification of the categories, and more autonomy planned for the Area Coach to manage the coaching budget, in line with procedure from other Area councils. (Appendix 1)

That: the 2018 SQPC Draft Budget be approved

Moved:          Luke Oliver                  Seconded:     Ben Nordkamp                         carried

Following approval of the draft budget, the treasurer proposed an amendment which will provide $3000 for members of the Management Committee to have their expenses re-imbursed for obligatory APF Conference attendance. Proposed increase of honorariums will be amended to provide for this change.

That: the 2018 SQPC Draft Budget be amended to provide $3000 to fund obligatory APF conference attendance for management committee members

Moved:          Luke  Oliver                        Seconded:     Tish Dingle                        carried

9. Coaches and Organisers 2017 “Every weekend” Funding Initiative

9.1 Lea reviewed year-to-date activity:

$40K Over 80 events so far this year. Sincere thanks for the hard work of coaches and organisers who responded so willingly to the initiative launched last November. The response was so good that a simplification of the process was required and the incentive requirements removed to enable fast processing of the sheer volume of activity.

9.2 Lea requested feedback from coaches to improve the process. Charly noted that the process had been easy to do and processed quickly. Consensus reached that the programme will continue in its current format for 2018.

10. Queensland Parachuting Association Report

10.1 QPA Chair Luke Oliver

Luke discussed general terms of the current Queensland Government grant, and thanked the QPA administrator Jonny Goss and SQPC administrator Lea for the work undertaken to receive the grant and meet the performance measures required.

11. World Parachuting Championships Gold Coast 2018

11.1 APF Sport Development Officer Rob Libeau introduced himself, and Mike Dyer and Gail Bradley as members of the WPC organising committee. Rob indicated that planning for the World Meet is on-track. ATC has confirmed a column of airspace has been cleared for the event. $209K has been raised in funding from the corporate sector in sponsorship for the event, and another $120K has been provided by businesses “in kind”.

A poll conducted via social media has indicated that 42% of respondents did not know that skydiving is an organised and competitive sport, and it is hoped that the Skydiving World Championships will assist greatly in changing this perception.

Bulletin 1 is not due until June but should be delivered ahead of that deadline.

11.2 Volunteering for the WPC is reported to be going well with major project manager roles being filled. Gem Hodges was introduced as Project Manager for IT, and Jon Kent has also been selected for a yet undetermined Project Manager role. Over 50 people have responded as general volunteers, but many more are needed to ensure the smooth running of the event, and SQPC members are strongly encouraged to register their interest via the link on the APF website. WPC Volunteers

12. Items of Interest

     12.1 Focus Australian Vertical Record

The following SQPC members recently took part in the vertical record camp, many going on to the successful record jump:

Kate Novey, Lari Scanagatta, Jared Harris, Matt Longhurst, Nick Pierce, Hayden Galvin, Shannon Seyb, Brent Chandler, Dimitri Didenko, Royce Wilson, Matt Boag, Erica Tadokoro, Leigh McCormack, Richie Convery, Alana Bertram, Blake Hooper
Written vote of thanks was received from SQPC participant Matt Longhurst:

“Kieren and Scott achieved a world class record program.

Scott's dirt-dives lead to two new records and If we had more cooperative weather they would easily have made a vertical record as large as the aircraft capacity would have allowed. I wish you bestow the highest accolades on the pair as everything in their control was perfect.”

SQPC has provided a $100 rebate for all SQPC members who participated. This is still available via the usual form: 2017 SQPC Member Funding

RAAF C17 Women’s Jumps, and Toogoolawah C17 Jump for Legacy

The recent C17 Women’s jumps and the Toogoolawah Legacy jumps were highly successful and undertaken without incident or injury and generated an astonishing amount of positive media coverage for the sport. Additional positive outcomes were incentive for recurrency and retention for women,  opportunity for growth of the Women in Adventure Sport programme and a successful inaugural performance record of 12 : Largest Star Formation (sub category: women). The promotion of a strong relationship between the Australian Air Force and the APF in support of a worthy charity in Legacy has delivered benefits for all concerned.

That: Adam William be congratulated and thanked for his contributions to the positive promotion of skydiving in association with the RAAF and Legacy for the C17 Women’s Event and Legacy Fundraising jump.

Moved:      Lea   Critchley           Seconded:     Alan Deadman                      carried

12.3 World Sequential Record 3 Point 2017 Way, World Night Formation Record 64 way  

Ben Nordkamp delivered a video presentation and some personal insight following his participation on these World Record events. Ben will be following this success with more coaching for big way and formation load skydiving at Toogoolawah.

13. General Business

13.1      Safety and Training Officer Brandon Van Niekerk has taken up the position of STO following the departure of Brett Newman. Brandon is based from Cairns but is travelling around the SQPC Area DZ’s in the coming weeks. SQPC is keen to engage Brandon for the next SQPC Area Council meeting to allow rank and file skydivers the opportunity to familiarise themselves with Brandon and the STO role.

Email contact for Brandon:

14. Club Reports

14.1 South East Queensland Skydivers Club: has been quiet, no activity since 4W4E1

14.2 Toogoolawah Skydivers Club: now has two caravans, developing a programme of formation load training for a variety of disciplines. CRW camp of Xmas and new year. Big Way training to continue in preparation for Big Way camp next year. Starcrest and Big Way coaching from Ben and Martin to continue

14.3.1 Gold Coast Skydive: Business slower lately following the general trend across the area. WPC display recently had commercial TV coverage. Archie’s bag lock resulted in the loss of the promotional canopy, whereabouts unknown.

14.3.2 Learn to Skydive: Archie Jamieson reports that Roger Mulckey has been proposed to be appointed as Chief Instructor of Learn to Skydive and is managing students through the Learn to Skydive Tunnel-AFF programme. Good relationship with Murwillumbah Turf Club continues while issues are resolved, students mostly processed through Ramblers in the meantime.

14.4 Funny Farm: Registrations open for Funny Farm 2018 with 8 international coaches. This event will run concurrently with the Inaugural Australian Swoop Assault with 2 International Coaches. This will be a test event aiming at developing high level Freestyle swoop competitions in Australia.

Irish and Tracy report a three year plan for Funny Farm is under development with input from Mason Corby. Proposed events include the return of Farm Lite.

14.5 Sunshine Coast Skydivers Caloundra: pleased to report the return of the turbine, with a plan to return to sports jumping as well as tandems. AFF training is about to restart.

14.6 Skydive Noosa, at Maroochydore Airport, ran a successful Ron Perry Canopy Coaching course recently in spite of bad weather. Similar events and more planned for 2018.

14.7 Area Council SQPC reports that 4 funding applications have already been received for APF Level 2 and 3 events in 2018, including Funny Farm, the Larry Henderson Bigway camp preceding the WPC and Equinox immediately after, and a preliminary proposal for another high level event with details yet to be released.

“South Queensland is going to be the place to be in 2018”

15. Next Meeting:

15.1 Proposed meeting dates for 2018

  • AGM: February 27th 2018 Springwood Towers
  • GM: May 8th 2018 Springwood Towers (pending APF Conference dates)
  • GM: August 14th, 2018 Springwood Towers
  • GM: November 20th, 2018 (Regional Venue)

SQPC invites clubs and DZ’s to host a 2018 meeting at a regional location. Contact the administrator.

16. Meeting Close: 2010hrs. Thank you all for attending.

Appendix 1.