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Title: South Queensland Parachute Council Administrative Officer

Responsible to: SQPC through the Management Committee Chairperson

Authority: The Administrator has authority from the Council to administer policy implementation and manage assigned resources of the Council.

    • Administer the financial management systems of the Council and its day to day operations. This will be done with responsibility for this area being retained by the elected Treasurer.
    • Co-ordinate the arrangements for Council Meetings, Management Committee meetings and ad-hoc committees including the booking of facilities, notifications to attendees, distribution of agendas and minutes. This will be done with responsibility for this area being retained by the elected Secretary 
    • Support Council Officers in the performance of their duties
    • Liaise with the NQPC administrator to coordinate the annual review of the 3 year Sports Development Plan to achieve the Council’s mission, goals and objectives.
    • Liaise with the Australian Parachute Federation and the Queensland Department of Communities - Sports and Recreation Services and other sporting bodies on funding, other support and acquittal requirements of funding.
    • Monitor and advise member clubs of funding opportunities. 
    • Prepare funding bids which will benefit SQPC and its members.
    • Maintain the Council’s Constitution and records to comply with the Registrar’s requirements under the Queenslands’ Associations’ Incorporation Act.
    • Maintain the Council’s Standing Minutes.
    • Liase with the APF Technical Directors as required.
    • Report to both the Management Committee and the Council in matters relating to the Administrator’s area of responsibility.
    • Publish materials to the SQPC Web page and facebook page; develop and grow the Council email database 
    • Keep a log of time spent on individual tasks to assist management committee decision making.
    • Provide a comprehensive report to the AGM of the Council which identifies each task delegated to the Administrator and its status.
    • Complete other such duties as directed by the Council.
    • Check and respond to incoming mail, email and other communications.
    • When absent, delegate responsibility for those tasks normally the responsibility of the Administrator.
    • Maintain drop-box based back-up of SQPC computer data.


    • Basic Bookkeeping
    • Basic Spreadsheet skills
    • Basic Database skills
    • Basic Word processing skills
    • Experience in office management
    • Skydiving and instructional experience is desirable.
    • Experience in dealing with government departments and 
    • Technical Directors is desirable
    • Detailed orientation and mentoring will be provided by the current administrator
    • Training in online services (document management, website) can be provided.
    • Approximately 10 hours a week;
    • Approximately 40 hours per month.
    • Negotiated with Management Committee and reviewed annually with CPI increase, currently $27.78 per hour, invoiced monthly 
    • Required to work from own office and use own equipment. 
    • An allowance may be negotiated for this.
    • Telephone, internet and computer/laptop are necessary. 
Performance measures:
    • Timeliness: Minutes produced, Financial records, Communications to members and Officers. 
    • 1st Draft Minutes within 3 days of meetings, 
    • Monthly Financial report (Inc/Exp, Balance Sheet, Budget etc) within 5 days of end of month. 
    • Frequent monitoring and updates to Social Media including events, newsworthy items and meetings
    • General satisfaction with meeting arrangements and other activities as reviewed by the Management Committee.
    • Satisfactory contribution to QPA and liaison with the NQPC. 

This postion description is currently under review and may be adapted as a result of APF corporate changes.