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Development Officer

Responsible to:
The South Queensland Parachute Council and National Board (via council delegates).

Purpose of role:
To encourage increased retention rates and increased recruitment into Sports Skydiving in South Queensland.

  • To identify and implement development opportunities for the sport of skydiving in South Queensland.
  • To capitalise on available funds from the APF, local Parachute Council and Local Government to promote events aimed at retention and recruitment of sports skydivers.

  • Liaise with State Treasurer, Chairman, Coach and Administrator to identify possible development opportunities.
  • Engage relevant parties to organise and promote approved activities.
  • Prepare and submit applications to possible funding providers to support activities.
  • Attend State Parachute Countil General Meetings to report on activities.

  • A strong enthusiasm for sports skydiving.
  • Skydiving experience is a definite advantage, but certifications and ratings are mainly irrelevant for this role.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • A high level of organisational skills.