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Meet Director

For an SQPC Competitive Event, the Organiser and Meet Director have specific points of organisation.

The Meet Director will have the roles as defined in the latest release of the APF Sporting Code, as well as any other specifically required for the SQPC Championships. It is recommended that the meet Director have some experience in APF sanctioned competition in one or more of the following roles:

(a) As a competitor

(b) As an organiser

(c) As a meet director or assistant meet director.

…or the Meet Director source assistance from someone having this experience.


These roles will include to project manage the event including:

Before the Event 

  • Liaise with the Venue
  • Liaise with the aircraft operator
  • Liaise with the Chairperson of Judging
  • Facilitate a meeting with team videographers and judges
  • Assist the Judges in arranging and facilitating competitors’ meeting and event draw
  • Ensure that the competition will be run in accordance with the APF sporting code with any proposed local variations discussed with and agreed with judges prior to the commencement of the event. Ensuring competitors are briefed on any local variations to the sporting code prior to the commencement of the event.

During the Event

  • Liaise with manifest and DZSO in order to maximise the efficiency of the available resources.
  • Ensure that the Event receives sufficient priority at Manifest 
  • Delegate a "Video Runner" to collect footage from Camera Flyers and provide to Judges
  • Be available to liaise with Team Captains as required
  • Receive and process any protests lodged
  • Ensure that medal presentations occur at a time agreed at the competitors meeting. Suggested time is on the last day of the competition.

After the Event

  • Prepare a competition report to SQPC including details of events held, teams and competitors, results and an analysis of how the event can be improved.
  • Supply event results and event photos to the APF for publication.