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Area Coach

Draft updated Feb 2016


Area Coach

Responsible to



The Area Coach has authority from the council for implementing policy and maintaining the system for administering the control of competition and coaching within the sport.


This position automatically assumes a role in the SQPC Management Committee and will be required to attend Management Committee meetings

Assist the administrator in maintaining the Council’s calendar of events to document all notable state competitions, course, conferences and meetings that relate to the sport.

Liaise with the Club Representatives in the administration and promotion of the Council’s policy on:

  • Talent Identification
  • Gender Equality
  • Drugs in Sport
  • Junior and Master’s participation
  • Performance Enhancement


Co-ordinate and assist SQPC Team(s) in their training requirements, funds control, travel arrangements and conflict resolution. Provide advice to the council on selection and appointments of competitors and officials for SQPC representative team(s).

Determine the distribution and expenditure of available funding to the state teams(s).

Uphold the Sporting Code and make recommendations of changes to the Australian Parachute Federation.

Collaborate with Media Liason Officer for facilitation of media liaison regarding competition

Assist the Director of Competition, Director of Judges and the NationaCoach's projects in matters relating to their portfolio.

Assist the administrator in maintaining a Register of Competition and Performance Records.

Prepare a report to the Annual General Meeting of Council.


APF Instructor Rating (negotiable)

Experience or insight in all aspects of coaching and competition within all disciplines of the sport


As required: there are no fixed hours, but the role requires weekly input.